My Invisalign Before / After expected results from clinical check


After re-doing my impressions due to my wide arch, the results of my clinical check are in.

Here’s the expected before/after


Clinical check results showing my teeth before invisalign


Clinical check results showing my teeth after invisalign treatment


I’ll have the trays for approximately 7 months (14 trays in total)

As expected, will need attachnemtns, or ‘buttons’ on a few of my teeth – unavoidable really given the crookedness of some of them!
The red dots on my teeth in the pictures above show where they’ll be.

I’ll also be having some space made in between each teeth by filing in between each tooth very slightly to make more room for the teeth to move.
The whole process was explained really clearly, and I’m happy with it.

After some thought over the last couple of days, I’ve decided to go ahead with the treatment.
Since I’ve paid £350, I’ve now got £2650 left to pay – 50% payable when I call and go ahead with the treatment, the remaining 50% when I have the first set of trays fitted.

I’m going to get a plan together for when most convenient to have them fitted. Will update on here when I do!