eBay Scam – [email protected]

I’d like to take this opportunity to let others know what happened.
ProofofpostagetohungaryThis guy won an eBay auction I had going for my mother.
He paid promptly by PayPal, and requested I post it as cheap as possible to Hungary.
3 days after i marked his item as dispatched, he filed a dispute with  PayPal.

PayPal requested i send them proof of delivery (which i did)

They wrote back, stating that it does not provide a tracking number.
Absolutely right – the buyer didn’t pay for that level of delivery.

PayPal then refunded his money, and he’s disappeared, leaving me out of pocket both with the postage cost, and the item!

His email address is sopron9@gmail.com, and goes by the name of Peter Stadler

Please, don’t do business with him on eBay.

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    Yeah, for expensive items, I always clear the money out of PayPal before sending the item!

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