Scam Warning – Email with subject ACTION REQUIRED: A document has arrived for your review/approval (Document Flow Manager)


Received this email earlier this week… After some googling, I have determined that it’s a scam, and there’s usually a zip file attached. GMail had removed this zip file though I think. This message is for the designated recipient only and may contain privileged, proprietary, or otherwise private information. If you have received it in error, please notify the sender immediately...

reCaptcha enabled on comments


I’ve recently noticed a lot of blog comment spam on my blog. Where  some-one kisses-bum in order to “trick” me into accepting  their comment. For example: Howdy there,this is Everett Krajcer,just discovered your web-site on google and i must say this blog is great.may I share some of the Post found in this website to my local friends?i’m not sure and what you think?anyway,Many...