Selling Car Fraud


I’ve started this category to make people aware of various means of scamming car owners, when selling their vehicles.

The general idea is this:

  • Someone will contact you, after seeing your advert.
  • They will seem interested, and sometimes ask for more pictures etc…
  • After some “haggling” they will aggree to buy your car at your asking price (or very near)
  • They will then send you the “terms” – Basically, they claim to be a used car dealer, and the shipping merchant they will be using to ship your car from your house to their premesis owes them money.
  • You are to receive a payment for an amount, many thousands more than you will get for your car, and send the difference somewhere else (this is the scam)

The payment never arrives, and you’re left thousands out of pocket, or, if it does arrive, its a false cheque (which clears first, then the bank take it back)

I will add as many email addresses and emails as I get to this category – so that google has something to get hold of (for all those sensible googlers out there who search portions of the email / email address first)