I’m currently working on a couple of solutions – one that is Visual Studio 2017 specific, one 2015.
Primarily because the 2017 specific one is full of .net standard projects, and the support is better (or at least, built in)

I wanted to have 2015 use a different theme – I’m only doing small bits in it, but have them both open at the same time, so figured having one light, and one dark (my preferred) would make distinguishing them a lot easier on my multi-monitor setup.

I changed the theme to ‘light’ in Visual Studio 2015. Thought that was that, but almost immediately, 2017 changed to the light them too.
So I changed 2017 back to dark, and you guessed it, the lights went out on 2015.

Turns out that settings are synchronised using your signed in Visual Studio account.
Being signed in as the same user on both editions of Visual Studio was syncing my settings – in real time. Which most of the time would be exactly what I want, however on this occasion, I need to turn it off.

Luckily, there’s a setting for that:


Un-ticking this check-box allows me to have one running in light, one running in dark.
This does of course stop all settings synchronising, so I’m only using it temporarily.

When trying to use the Remote Debugger with Visual Studio 2013 – connecting to a server on the same network, I was getting ‘No symbols loaded’

I set the Remote Debugger to run with the /FallbackLoadRemoteManagedPdbs switch:


After doing this, the symbols were loaded, and I could step through the code in Visual Studio on my local machine, which was running on the remote server

I installed Resharper (v 8.2.2) onto my fresh install of Visual Studio 2013, but noticed that the usual helpers I get over ASP.net MVC methods wasn’t there.

For example, if I had a method like:

… and the view (/Views/MyTest/Something.cshtml) didn’t exist, I should get a little popup saying “Cannot resolve view ‘Something'” Like below:

resharper cannot resolve viewThis however, was not happening.

After a lot of googling, I came across this post I realised that the  ReSharper.ExternalAnnotations extension needed to be updated, to support MVC 5+

Resharper > Extension Manager

In Updates, sure enough, ReSharper.ExternalAnnotations was listed.

I updated it, restarted Visual Studio.
Now, the missing MVC functionality is back.


I was shown a really handy way of viewing a StackTrace in Visual Studio 2012 today

Steps are simply:

Copy stack trace (from yellow screen of death for example)

In Visual Studio, press ctrl + shift + e

For example:

Then, pressing ctrl + shift + e in Visual Studio brings up the following:


The location is clickable etc…

Very handy!

Just thought I’d post this quickly:

Typo noticed in Visual Studio 2012 CSS intellisense:

Typo in Visual Studio 2012 - Rigth
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